Townsend Over Time

Share your memories about living in Townsend!

  Townsend Memorial Hall

Whether they're about growing up in town, your school experiences, moving to town, memorable people you met or knew, political anecdotes, town events…we want to save those stories!

The Townsend Historical Society is working in collaboration with Priscilla Kipp, co-author of Voices From Their Times and Places: Women of Townsend Share Their Stories, and Kate Walsh, editor of the Townsend Times, to collect and share Townsend memories.

The serial feature has already started to run in the Townsend Times, the first story based on recollections from Catherine Wilson originally printed in Voices. Future memories will also be featured online at:

The project will last as long as stories keep coming in.
So write those stories down!

Where to Send Your Memories

E-mail them to the Historical Society: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mail them to the Historical Society, P.O. Box 95, Townsend, MA 01469
We'll save a copy for our collection and forward a copy to Priscilla and Kate.

Or, if you'd rather talk about your memories, call the Historical Society at 978-597-2106 to set up a time for a recorded interview.


Get those Memories down on Paper!